Monday, 31 October 2011

Education crisis among the Malaysian students

The PPSMI might seem "failed" to some of the Malaysian's students including the Malay or non-Malay students but most of them are the Malay. Then the MBMMBI is presented. We couldn't always blame to the others on why we can't achieve the target? 

From time to time we should analyse about our role and why maths and science are chosen to this project. We should look on the other perspective about it should be a "lesson" how to implement it well in the future.

Before the European became the largest most productive of knowledge from the simple of language until the more complex such as science. We always forgot about the glorious Islamic period of education before this. How the knowledge is in Arabic language and written base on this main language. The European thinks better and further. So that they need to learn in this different language and try to translate them in their understanding language such as Latin. From this kind of situation they are able to gain them in bright way.

Now this kind of situation really happen in our education system. Remember that the glorious Islamic period of education become part of the history to us and now most of the knowledge came form the European or West. Science is the most progressive knowledge that spread to the whole world. Even though there are numerous of we don't discover yet.

What have bring us differ from them? We already blind about the knowledge around us. I like to say that we have the Holy Quran but we didn't synchronise what we learn in Science with the Quran and bring it back to our Creator, Allah. Yes we already far behind from the others because we forgot who created us and afraid with something new and challenging.  

Some of the Malaysian criticise the PPSMI programme and make an analogy from the reality how the Japan that weak in English become one of the most powerful country in the world. I also agree that some of the Japanese weak in English and they rather use their mother tongue language but their performance is anomalous.

Why is this happen? Remember of this word ATTITUDE. Japanese are really discipline and care with their attitude. Look back to our people, some of them good on this but some of them is like the Ramora fish that always depend on the other. So how we can make Malaysian like the Japanese? Even the nearest Singapore is quite differ from us.

Some of us criticise why focusing on Maths and Science but not the English language itself. We should understand that learning a second language is quite hard but Science and Maths teach the students about the concept of Science or Maths itself. The learning area might be focus on the knowledge and following by the language on the subject. But we must remember this kind of project is like "throw two birds with one stone". It's resulting the students gain the knowledge and at the same time they improve their English language.

From my experience the using of English in Science can give us two sample of students. First, they who build their inquiry and motivation to learn deeply and second, students who might killed by low inquiry and motivation if they have a huge problem on understanding the language use. From these situation happen the school, teachers, parent and community must work together to overcome the problem. Is there any reason that teacher are the most responsible party that need their students understand on the subject learned?

Tun Mahathir itself had do this research about the Malay achievement in education since he was a student until step down from his office. He also admit that he really regret because can't change most of the Malay mentality and Malay still far behind from the other in their country. If we failed in the education most of us will failed in life. Yes there are some of us become successful even with SPM result but most of them going down with rempit, druct addict and many more.

The most popular book by Tun Mahathir...Also talk about the education in Malaysia...

After all the challenge in education in this country, I hope all of us play a big role on getting our students back on their real lane. Create the atmosphere full of knowledge with joyful and taqwa. If we learn how the glorious Islamic education expand their knowledge and then how the European learn from it until today. So that in our country we should change our mentality and look from the other perspective on the non-Malay does in education and how they are really take serious on it than us.

We can't always become a jealousy and depend on the other but make our move in education and others. Many years the Malay are helped by the government, I didn't tell lie or myth because Tun Mahathir has write on it in his book (A doctor in the house). He write how the government do until the gap became more wider and Malay are far from the non-Malay. 

We should become a productive Malaysian so that we can fulfil the Modal Insan

Insan yang sedang belajar



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