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Why the Ummah haven't reach the achievement before???

First I would like to make an apologize if what I'm going to write today might be wrong or some of us could not accept about it. I'm a naive person and try to give my opinion through my writing. This is my first attempt to write in English and I hope if there are lot of mistake, please comment and correct me. I'm afraid what I'm going to write is quite far from the Islamic perspective, once again please correct me if I'm do something wrong. Thank you.

I'm quite interesting on what I've watch from the TV program that is Sudut Pandang Astro Awani between the moderator and Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti. Who is Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti? I'm also lack of information about him but before this I've heard about him during the TV3 news couple years ago.

source: Wikipedia
Ok, back to our business. Who is Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti? According from what I've read (wikipedia), he is Fellow in Islamic Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, and Islamic Centre Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford, and is a Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. He is the first Malay who make great achievement in the world famous university.
(You can access the internet about him to gather more information)

I'm not racist if I tend to highlight the word Malay because in Islam we learn that all of us is the same under the All Mighty Allah. The difference of us is on His hand and we should not compare each other. What we do because of Allah and remember if there is riya' inside each of us, everything we do is useless.

In this post based on the conversation, I would like to give you a situation that happen nowadays "What happen to our 'pemuda pemudi' ?" that's why our achievement is too far from the others.  When this particular situation happen it make our Ummah achievement is far behind than the others. I don't want to blame with our education system (before KBSR and now KSSR) because it is stick on the National Education of Philosophy and still with the 'Modal Insan' program. There is nothing wrong on that and the responsibility is on ours including teachers, school, family and the community.

I need to remind myself of what I'm doing during my practicum session. Is it I'm just completed the practicum session with 'sembarangan' or I give 200% to do the best among the best. 'Tepuk dada tanya iman'.

We must open our minds on what is going to happen if we being far from Allah or we close to Him but we forget of the others. Is that bring good atmosphere of Ummah achievement today? Think about it!!!

This statement came during my experience this year. "How can we create a person (according to Modal Insan) by remembering of surah al-Fatihah". Honestly on that time I'm quite frustrated with the statement. Every stage or phase through the process in our life we should start from the bottom. Before you eat you must have foods, pray and then you can eat. Before you can walk or run, you need to crawl first. It also same with surah al-Fatihah, first we must know to read, remember, understand and practice in our daily life. InsyaAllah you can be a success person.

We must remember on our ending phase of human life (near with the 'Qiamat'). Muslim are more than the non-Muslim and it's like the bubble in the sea. But Allah throw inside Muslim with love to the 'duniawi' and for the non-Muslim Allah gave them guts to explore than the Muslim and finally their achievement far from us in this world. If I'm wrong please correct me.

Why is this happen? Back to our daily life. We should thankful to Allah because we born in Islam. It's become our responsibility as caliph to learn, practice and guide the other back in Islam. We not only care of our achievement in 'akhirat' but we must help our brothers in the name of Islam. I'm afraid I become one of the person being ask by Allah in 'akhirat' on why I don't guide my brothers to Islam life.

We don't need to wear a 'serban , kopiah or songkok' or wear a 'jubah' and hold the 'tasbih' every time to show that we were a Muslim. It is necessary for the 'beginner' like us to not crash with the boundary of Syara'. Bring the 'roh' inside us and tend to learn and guide the others. At the same time we should be a model to the others.

Our younger now tend to copy 'bulat-bulat' from the artist. Sorry to say if they make the artist as an idol. How many of the younger becoming a singer, actor and actress? The reality show is one of the medium of these particular activities.  I'm not say that the artist are bad or good. Music become good if bring the good message and not 'melalaikan'. I admit that I also follow The Suspect, Bunkface, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Who but if it help us to improve our English language or to bring a message it's good. It's 'tepuk dada tanya iman' again. You're able to distinguish between the good or bad in your life.

Why outside there lot of 'mat-mat rempit, minah-minah rempit' more than someone like Ibnu Sina, al-Farabi, al-Kindi? This is because the conflict of knowledge and the information inside them. These two things are different. Knowledge is internalized and take time to mature. We use our knowledge to distinguish between good or bad. Meanwhile the information is what we get from others and we accept it or not depend on us. These 'mat and minah rempit' have the knowledge but it is restricted by themselves and the information should come from us. I also need to remind my self that one day I need to help them if not I will be asked by Allah of where I put my responsibility.

Last but not least, in simple word we are the person who responsibility on our Ummah achievement.

I'm so sorry if my writing is too bad and there are lot of grammatical error. I'm just learn something new in my life and I'm still naive about everything.

Assalammualaikum w.b.t ...

Insan yang sedang belajar

Osman. Z


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